Nothing to worry about. Not a thing. No sir, nothing at all.

I bet a nice-sized subsidy will be on the negotiating table…

Cuban President Raul Castro will visit Russia next year, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, in a new sign that Moscow is reviving a Cold War-era trade and military alliance.
Moscow also repeated calls for Washington to lift the economic embargo imposed on the Caribbean island in 1962 when Castro’s brother, Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro, was in power.
“Next year we await … Raul Castro in our country and this will be yet another contribution to the development of ties,” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque in Moscow.
“Your visit is yet more evidence that relations between Cuba and Russia are developing in a very dynamic way,” NTV television showed Medvedev saying.

6 thoughts on “Nothing to worry about. Not a thing. No sir, nothing at all.”

  1. I’ve been hearing and reading about how Camelot will be back at the Whitehouse now that Obama is going to be President. What’s “Camelot” without Russia and “Cubar” to worry about? Nah…. nothing at all to worry about.

  2. so what are the Ruskies going to do? plop down nukes in Havana and point them in our direction. this is a development to watch not to start freaking out about. Russia isn’t the fraction of what the old USSR was before. I worry a whole lot more over Venezuela and Iran than Cuba and Russia. You must chill!

  3. Cardinal: You should never take your eyes off any potential threat. Yes, Venezuela and Iran are the 5 meter targets, but you’re wrong if you think that Russia shouldn’t worry us. That’s the kind of thinking that gets us in trouble, and we’re going to have plenty of it in the new White House. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Raul follows his visit to Russia…… by coming over here, at the invitation of our new left-wing President, with all his naive notions of the world, if not outright sympathies for the likes of Castro, Chavez, etc.

  4. I agree keep our eye on the ball…I did say it was a “development to watch.” Any major power seeking to influence a nation in our hemisphere should be closely observed. That being said Iran is more dangerous in several respects – a)it has deftly utilized asymmetrical warfare to achieve objectives – Russia is more of a conventional power b) Iran APPEARS to be more stable than Russia c) because of its networks Iran can strike directly at US troops and/or allies d) Iran has everyone scared out of their wits because of their nuke program.
    I’m not saying to disregard, just don’t think that this effort will bring us close to the end of the world like it did over 45 years ago.

  5. Gotcha, agree. I like the reference to asymmetrical threat; so, so true. The Iranians are quietly making inroads in this region, with the help of bastards like Chavez, Morales, Ortega, and others. Scary….but, it’ll probably be totally ignored by the new administration.

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