Veterans Day 2008


To all veterans, past and present:
Thank you. This nation is the greatest nation on Earth because men and women like you have always answered her call to duty. We will forever be in your debt for your service and sacrifice and for your love of your country and your willingness to give it your all. You all are more than Veterans, you are Heroes.
Thank you for shedding your blood, your sweat and your tears for the freedoms of your fellow Americans.
I urge all reader to take some time today to honor our Veterans. You should also take a few minutes to visit the Veteran’s History Project of the Library of Congress.
Update: Welcome Michelle Malkin readers and thank you for paying tribute to America’s Heroes: our Veterans. I hope you all will take a few minutes to read two previously posted Veterans Day tribute linked below that are near and dear to my heart : At the Mall and Thank You Veterans.
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1 thought on “Veterans Day 2008”

  1. Even those that didn’t serve any wars, the fact that they decided to risk their lifes to embetter our country is enough for me. It’s these days that I feel cowardly for not risking my life for this country, but I’m proud of living in the best country in the world.
    A country that everyone envys.
    A country that everyone strives to be.
    A country that everyone immigrats to.
    Thank you to those veterans that are alive, and to the family of the deceased veterans. Your sacrifice is not forgotten!!

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