This Election Has Not ‘Realigned’ the Country

Great piece in today’s WSJ on the myths being promulgated by the loony left about how the country has now turned to the extreme left. It states in pertinent part:

The 2008 election was an important election. But it can hardly be considered realigning.
Mr. Obama won by portraying the Bush presidency as a series of mistakes that need to be avoided in the future — essentially encouraging voters to think about the short-term past, not the long-term future.
Put another way, Mr. Obama got about 40,000 fewer votes in Ohio than John Kerry got four years ago. Mr. Obama carried the state when Mr. Kerry did not because Republicans stayed home. Nationally, the anticipated record turnout didn’t materialize. About the same percentage of registered voters came out this year as in 2004. And was that a realignment year?
In the same way that 1980 did not yield a generation-long period of Republican dominance, those on the right can take heart that 2008 does not represent the beginning of an era of Democratic supremacy.

2 thoughts on “This Election Has Not ‘Realigned’ the Country”

  1. I disagree with the author on 1980. When Bush strayed too far away from Reagan by breaking his no new taxes pledge the public repudiated him and elected Clinton who did not run as a lefty (they never do). When Clinton overreached the country sent a clear message in 1994 by returning a GOP majority to the House for the first time in more than two decades. That could not have happened without 1980. Now we have Bush II and he also strayed from conservative principles and the candidate we offered never believed in them (or hasn’t for a long time).
    Liberalism was repudiated for 28 years in my book. Now we’ll flirt with it again and suspect we’ll get the same response from the American people. Obama runs the very real risk of being the political heir of Jimmy Carter, to the same disastrous results.

  2. Mike:
    Left wing agitators all over the world are spreading the rumor that the
    Secret Service is investigating Sarah Palin for provoking hate for Obama.

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