1 thought on “Cuba, Healthcare and Yoani on BTR”

  1. Excellent link! I’ve told variations of this story many times to colleagues here as a result of personal experiences with relatives in Cuba. Since I was a kid I remember my mother having to find ways to send medicines and supplies (simple things like gauze and simple antibiotics) to Cuba (often via 3rd countries) because a grandparent or aunt was scheduled to undergo an operation; not to mention the thousands of parents who take clean spoons (i.e. tongue depressors) from home to the pediatrician for their child. The ironic thing is that my colleagues are physicians who, because of the education/indoctrination they received in our AMERICAN universities and med schools, are surprised that this exists in Cuba.
    The posting of this link is more poignant now as this country has delivered its leadership to people who are enamored of the idea of “universal healthcare” and are just dying (no pun intended) to implement it here.

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