Disrespect for the Presidency

(Ed. note (Val): The following was written by a very good and dear friend and colleague of mine and I felt it needed to be posted as it expresses some fundamental truths.)
By Arnaldo Rodriguez
It has been said many times that in this Land of ours, we can do or say anything we want as long as we stay within the law:
We can be disrespectful to our elders, even though we should not.
We can be disrespectful to our neighbors, even though we should not.
We can be disrespectful to our elected officials, even though we should not.
We can be disrespectful to our President, well, maybe in this case we should.
This new penchant for blatant outspoken disrespect for our President began after the 2000 presidential election. The Democratic Party claims that the 2000 Presidential was somehow stolen. Actually, it was the Democratic Party’s nominee that did try to steal it by asking for a recount only in three Florida counties which are overwhelmingly democratic instead of the entire State, which has been largely republican. A very shrewd mathematical maneuver whereby any re-count would likely result in a net gain for Al Gore. Subsequently an independent recount proved Bush was in fact the winner of Florida’s 27 electoral votes.
George W.Bush has been fiercely attacked during his presidency, not just for his policies. The personal attacks by the media and supposed prominent officials have been constant, vicious and subjective. He has been called a liar, a fool, an idiot, an assassin, a warmonger, stupid, Hitler, fascist and much more and much worse. The media has been the willing biased mouthpiece for these vulgar and acerbic democratic tongues. The Democrats ultimately believed every single epithet directed at Bush. What they did was bring the presidency down to the gutter.
They set the bar so low that any one could look presidential. The democrats probably though that “if the Republicans could get a fool, an idiot, etc. elected they could also, after all the democrats are more numerous than the republicans.” This is how the Democratic Party was able to bring into the election an unproven unknown. Being black is the only good trait he brings to the White House.
Since the democrats and the liberal media made disrespect for the president a way of life in our Country it is time for those who oppose the president elect to do so. And from what we have seen the opportunities for disrespect will be abundant.
As an example: the president elect made an idiotic and stupid remark at his press conference in which he related that he had talked to all of the “living” former Presidents, as “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances.” (Séances, French meaning: seating session with a medium in order to talk with ghosts). Not even a community organizer from Hialeah (no pun intended) or a vastly unprepared and uneducated man should make such an insulting to the widow of a former president, only a fool would. Yet, Nancy Gibbs of Time magazine speaks of the elected president in terms as “A Prince like Jesus is born”, placing Jesus deep in the gutter where they have rendered the presidency.

9 thoughts on “Disrespect for the Presidency”

  1. Val,
    This is the kind of America that we have become.
    What scares me the most is that we’re all going to pay a price for it as many Americans have become too blind, too dumb and too stupid to realize it.

  2. I’m always of the opinion that it’s better to take the high road, even toward a fool such as the one that has been elected (I hesitate to use the phrase “we have elected” because I and my fellow Cuban Americans certainly didn’t vote for him). But our President elect’s recent exchange with the President of Poland, one of our most loyal allies, in regard to missile defense, is not just shameful, but plainly against our interests, and will be interpreted by Russia as a sign of suicidal weakness. The Russians will be taking advantage of this even before the new president is sworn in. God help us all! Things are looking very, very bad already.

  3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We disrespect Obama without good and just cause (you know, just like many liberals did to W for 8 years), and we GET Obama for 8 years. Take it to the bank. Republicans aren’t exactly at a point in time when people are going to trust them (us), so the more we do to disenfranchise the average American, the worse off we will be. People are fed up with all the mindless bickering. Let’s make a difference, let’s stand out from the crowd, let’s not be the same ‘ol same ‘ol.
    That’s my 5 cents.

  4. Robert, I love ya man, but you’re 100%, completely, unequivocally, irrevcoably, dead wrong. You’re playing right into their “the Reps will always take the high road and then we can fire the RPG into their HumVee” strategy. Give it up. It’s time to fight, without rules, just like they do.

  5. Robert,
    I tend to agree about the “without just cause” thing, but, somehow, from what we’ve been seeing lately, I dontg think that’s gonna come into play. There’s plenty of grist for that mill.

  6. Robert,
    My 2 cents on this topic,
    You’ll see how much negativity will be coming from the American people when the “Messiah” and the Democrats complete the screw-up of America.
    The American people are saying that they don’t want all that negativity in politics because until now many have bought the Democratic bullshit line that they’ll fix our current problems.
    When our problems continue to get much worse (as we know they will) with the Democrats in power carrying their socialist agenda, you’ll see how ugly is going to turn for them.

  7. What!!!! No negative comments directed towards “The One.” Maybe in my next life.
    These people merit NO RESPECT. The problem with the Republican party is that up to now we have been the decent, respectful, “we are not like that” kind of party. Well, if they wish to fight dirty, we have to do the same.

  8. I have to agree with George and Firefly. The DEMs won this one, with such an unworthy candidate, because they demonized the President and his policies for 8 years, to the point that an ignorant population was snookered into putting them in power. I liked what Dennis Miller said in the above Fox News post, but the fact is that playing nice will probably not get us anywhere. Unfortunately, the media is the propaganda arm of the DEM Party and we are in a difficult position if we have to fight their power as well. Remember, information is power, and the liberal/left controls it via the MSM. It’s going to be tough, because they’re going to protect Obama for the next four years.

  9. Everyone,
    Keep the faith because Barack Hussein Obama is going to make such a screw-up of America that the MSM won’t be able to sweep it under the rug.

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