Nordlinger on Obama

Jay Nordlinger, a friend of Babalu and a friend of all who want freedom for Cuba’s people, has posted 20 thoughts about why the election of Obama is bad for our country. Some excerpts with which I agree wholeheartedly:

I worry that the Obama years, like the Carter years, will be a field day of adventurism for the worst regimes. Some presidents are willing to stand up to bullies; some presidents are not. And we should all know what weakness invites: aggression.
The conventional argument is that McCain was the best possible Republican nominee, even the only possible Republican nominee with a chance of winning. I don’t believe that, for a second. There was a case to be made against Obama, and for McCain: and McCain was poor at both.
There may be some positive outcomes to Obama’s election victory. It could be, now, that the Left will help us in the War on Terror. Some people said, for years, that they would never be onboard until they were in charge. Until now, they have done everything possible to thwart Bush. The New York Times delights in exposing clandestine programs, designed to keep the innocent safe. Will all that end now?
Also, maybe the Left will feel better about the country itself. Some of my neighbors (Manhattan) have gloated with me about November 4. And I’ve said, “Yes, America is a good country, isn’t it? Good constitution, good system, don’t you agree?” That leaves them a little nonplussed or annoyed.

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  1. You’d think that the lefts constant argument that the country is racist would have been defeated by Obamas victory. But no, liberalism is a religion and like all religions it deals not in facts but in dogma. Try and tell that to some liberal black and you’ll get something like, “Yeah but America still racist cause like the other day I was in the elevator and some white woman clutched her perse tighter. And plus there was people who voted for McCain so that proves that Americas still racist right there!”

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