It’s been over a week now and I still feel like the day after the worst hangover ever. And I’m talkin’ a Jack Daniels with beer chasers and tequila shots hangover. Conservatives have a severe case of Post-Election Stress Disorder.
I’m going to keep it pithy and short: starting next year — no, right now! — conservatives have to mobilize and restore the luster and popularity Republicans once enjoyed when Ronald Reagan led the party. Screw the RINOs, the “moderates,” the country-club liberals masquerading as Republicans, the idiots who protest about “right-wing extremism” and the “evangelicals.” Screw them all. We must rebuild our party based on the core principles we believe in. Personal responsibility, low taxes, small government, state’s rights, less Federal control, no abortion, gun rights, a strong, no-nonsense, pro-active defense that does not brook sensitivity or hesitation, a staunch pro-Israel stance, defense of marriage. You can add whatever to that list you think are core conservative principles, but these are my litmus tests. President Bush and Captain Electability (a/k/a John McCain) let us down terribly, but we cannot dwell on that. It’s in our hands, now.
As for the opposition, I’ll paraphrase a quote I read at another blog: “You can’t teach morons to stop being morons. Why not? Because they’re morons.”
Go forth and fight like hell.

2 thoughts on “PESD”

  1. Now that the election is over, it’s time for action, to regroup and try to rebuilt a truly conservative coalition free of all that has tarnished the Republican party so much. The abandoned principles of small government and sound fiscal policy need to be invoked. The idea of establishing term limits for Congress should also be brought back. These idiots from both parties are not going to do anything to fix the problems they’ve created when they have the sinecure for life that being a legislator confers.

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