Cigar Mike Rediscovers America

Bass Harbor Lighthouse Sunset
Happy Friday infidels. It’s now been 10 days since the election. I’ve thrown all my 401K and portfolio statements into my banker’s box unopened and I’ve stopped watching the news, opting instead for NBA basketball, and College and Pro football. I’ve gone back to my photos.
The above image was taken a few weeks ago while I was in Northern Maine. The cliffside Bass Harbor Head Light in Tremont marks the entrance to Bass Harbor on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island, Maine. It was built in 1858, stands 56 feet above mean high water and is accessible by car on Acadia National Park land.
It is a heck of a climb to get down on the rocks to shoot the light, but worth it. Even scarier climbing out of there at night!
Have a great weekend folks.

3 thoughts on “Cigar Mike Rediscovers America”

  1. Well I’m in mourning. I’ve sequestered myself at home, turned off the television, and have unsubscribed from all incoming news links. I deleted most of my favorite websites, keeping just a few. I stopped getting a daily newspaper years ago, but I stopped reading on line too. National Review lies face down on my desk, and my radio is silent.
    But I’m not swearing as much as I used to, and I’m listening to more jazz and catching up on a pile of books. My house is cleaner. Would someone call me in four years.

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