21 thoughts on “For the ladies…”

  1. That’s the Cuban version of the guy who tried to put the moves on Molly Ringwald in the movie 16 Candles.
    You have much Celt in you.

  2. Oh my, my, my, Val.
    That’s one sweet hunk of candy there … (Sorry, George … heh).
    Gimme a year for this gem? Looks to be late 1970s, early 1980s??? … How far off am I?
    Nobody looked like that in my high school … damn it!

  3. Hey! That’s the guy who stole the tires off my Oldsmobile back in ’83! What’s that name, there? Quick somebody hand me a pencil! V-a-l…

  4. November:
    >>You have much Celt in you.< Yep, Galicians and Asturians are Celtic. Val, no doubt, like many Cubans, you're of Galician or Asturian desent.

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