Test Obama at your own risk

There is an interesting editorial today in the Arab daily Asharq Alawsat, written by Amir Taheri. In a very objective and factual manner, Mr. Taheri examines the history of recent young and inexperienced presidents who have been tested by America’s enemies.

Much of the political talk in Washington these days is centered on one question: when will Barack Obama be tested as the new President of the United States?
The idea that Obama will be tested early in his presidency was first launched by his Vice-Presidential running mate Joseph Biden, before polling day. Since then, the political microcosm has been abuzz with theories regarding when, where, how and on what issue the expected testing might materialize.
In a sense, the testing started 48 hours after Obama’s victory when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced the installation of a new missile system in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania.
Medvedev’s move was presented as a response to American plans for a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. The move showed that the Russians think that Obama would be easier to bully than Bush.

It is a very interesting read and shows all the consequences America and its enemies have suffered because of untested and inexperienced presidents. At the risk of spoiling it before you read it, I will leave you with the ending statement.

The Machiavellian advice to America’s enemies would be not to test Obama but rather encourage his illusions that he can transform foes into friends simply by talking to them.
If Obama is tested in a way that could not be fudged, he would either be forced to react, or would be kicked out like Carter or would lose control of the Congress and the senate as Clinton did.
America’s enemies should think twice before trying to test Obama.

Check out today’s must-read piece HERE.

1 thought on “Test Obama at your own risk”

  1. “In a sense, the testing started 48 hours after Obama’s victory …”
    No, the testing has been ongoing, with simio Chavez cozying up to all the axis of evil types, buying hardware from Russia; China on the warpath beefing up its military machine; Hamas firing all its big guns at Israel; Russia and China re-schmoozing with Cuba ….. frankly, I don’t think the black dude in the white house gives a rip. The planets have been aligning for a long time and he and politicos of his ilk could care less.
    He needs to go to that little village in New Zealand and get some of those ….. but not in his mouth.

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