2 million tourists – 11 million slaves

Can Castro, Inc. throw a party or what? On Friday, the regime welcomed its 2 millionth tourist of 2008 with free drinks and free music.

Mojitos, salsa greet Cuba’s 2 millionth tourist
HAVANA (AP) — Cuba welcomed its 2 millionth tourist of 2008 on Friday with a salsa band, strong mojitos and word that the island expects to set a record this year for foreign visitors despite three hurricanes and a global economic crisis.
Authorities hung a red-and-white banner reading “welcome visitor” in five languages just outside the customs area as Air Canada Flight 370 from Toronto touched down at Havana Airport.
“Is this a nice way to start? I’ll say!” said Helen Lueke, a secretary in her 60s from Sherwood Park, Canada, who comes to Cuba about once a year — but has never been greeted at the airport with mojitos.

Meanwhile back at the plantation, the regime also throws a party for Cuba’s 11-million+ residents every day. But instead of salsa music and mojitos, every morning Cubans are welcomed with a fresh new batch of oppression and misery.
What was that again about how tourism and foreigners will bring about an end to the Cuban dictatorship?

3 thoughts on “2 million tourists – 11 million slaves”

  1. Alberto, get ready because HUSSEIN is going to live up to his commitments to Pepe Hernandez and Mas Santos…(yeah, right)
    WH Counsel= Greg Craig
    Latin American FP=Dan Restrepo
    Get ready for trips to Cuba very soon, for the 35% of Obama voting, new “Cubans” who come here for “political” reasons and then within a year want to travel back for vacation???????????????

  2. Most of these tourist are stuck in some all inclusive facade and they never get to see the “REAL” Cuba.
    They think that smoking a Cohiba and sucking back mojitos on Varadero Beach is seeing Cuba ???
    Gimme a break !

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