Please Make It Stop

Obama cookies? Yep. The only thing on a Thanksgiving table I can guarantee you I won’t eat.
By the way, only $59.50 for 16 cookies. What a bargain.
Melek has found the stuff nightmares are made of…. Ojamas. Yes, I said OJAMAS. Somewhere in hell, che guevara is really jealous.

“Pajama day at school or on campus? Make it Ojama day!
Inauguration eve pajama party? Make it an Ojama party!
Christmas morning pajams? So much better in your Ojamas!
Supporting the President-elect even in your sleep? Only in Ojamas!”

Please, I beg of you, make it stop.

12 thoughts on “Please Make It Stop”

  1. Who the would want to eat cookies with Obama on them? Damn if would, knowing what he and his party stands for. He along with Reid and Pelosi can all go to hell.

  2. I haven’t posted here in a while, though I read Babalu often.
    Claudia I have to say I about spit my malta all over my Mac in laughter to your post. Though the Ojamas sicken me, your Che in hell comment has completely made my day.
    Still laughing.

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