8 thoughts on “Surfcasting at Sunrise”

  1. Cool pic, Mike. This morning, I bet you that same place is full of surfers riding the post-cold front waves.
    Oh, and I have to correct you, it’s “Go FINS!” Bon Appetit!

  2. You know, I’ve always wanted to see a picture of steam coming out the ocean on a cold day. I heard that happens when a cold front hits Miami. Do you have any pictures of that, Mike?

  3. j2tharome, I’ve only seen that in canals, lakes, ponds, but not in the ocean. I have a few shots like those somewheres…especially in the Glades.

  4. As a scuba diver I noticed that water needs to be a least 78-79 degrees to be enjoyed, anything below that calls for a wetsuit or plenty of alcohol.

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