Havana Harbor Circa 1910-1915

havana harbor 1915.jpg
The Library of Congress has a bunch of public domain images on Flickr including these real old ones from Cuba from the early 20th Century. You may want to check some of them out. You can print them out if you like as well.
Below is one of native Cuban troops from the same era.
native troops.jpg
Maybe Delacova or some of your historians may have some more background on the identity of these “troops”.

8 thoughts on “Havana Harbor Circa 1910-1915”

  1. My grandmother called Havana’s harbor “la llave de las Americas” the other day, which makes perfect sense considering Cuba’s escudo.

  2. If these were the “Mambises”. The last of them died some time in the 1980s. He was 109 years old, he had over a hundres great grandchildren and he was the last man alive of that time who had acutally seen and met Gen. Maceo.
    Profesor Delacova, please confirm if I’m right about this.

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