Pitts: GOP is Racist, Homophobic

Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts wrote this in today’s Miami Herald (emphasis mine):

They’ll be back. Don’t think for a minute that they won’t.
These things run in cycles, and death in politics is about as permanent as death in Marvel Comics, which is to say, not very. Yes, Team Red had its butt kicked and its lunch money taken a few weeks back, yes Team Blue stands at the prow of the ship, arms wide, screaming ”king of the world!,” yes the GOP slinks off into the wilderness now amid grumbles of recrimination and remonstration.
They’ll be back. Count on it.
Indeed, they are already plotting their return, pundits and polls debating the best way of regaining favor. Shall they be more like Reagan or less, less socially conservative or more? Shall they groom Sarah Palin or forget they ever heard the name?
Allow me to insert into the discussion one tiny hope. Namely, that the GOP will plot a path back to power that does not require stepping on scapegoats to get there.
Ever since Richard Nixon’s infamous ”Southern strategy” of 1968, Republicans have won power largely by convincing voters that strange and exotic others were to blame for all their ills. It’s the feminists’ fault, they said. Or the blacks. Or the Hispanics, the Muslims or the gays.

And this:

Indeed, ”let us save you from them” has been arguably the GOP’s most enduring message for four decades, a promise to people shaken by change that the party will repeal the ’60s and reinstate the ’50s. And never mind that this would mean returning women to the kitchen, Muslims to invisibility, gays to the closet and blacks to the back of the bus. Never mind that it was about as likely as returning toothpaste to the tube.

What can be said in response to this hateful diatribe? It shows that Leonard Pitts, behind all the flowery talk about unity and hope and equality, is a hypocrite who doesn’t have a clue what the vast majority of Republicans and conservatives really stand for. That’s because he probably doesn’t know more than a handful of Republicans/conservatives.
BTW, I would love to get Edward Schumacher-Matos’ reaction to this column. Of course, he would probably say that it’s “ideologically accurate”.
Pitts is right about one thing: the GOP will be back. These type of hateful columns will just make it that much easier to get back in the game, trust me.
The entire column, if you dare, can be read here.

16 thoughts on “Pitts: GOP is Racist, Homophobic”

  1. His article proves one thing, America is great. It proves that a complete bumbling abysmally ignorant putz like Pitts can win a Pulitzer. In fact, for henceforth, he shall be known as to me as Leonard Putz.

  2. Great post, once again.
    Inspired me, once again:
    Mr. Schumacher-Matos,
    A few days ago you printed a piece critical of Adolfo Rivero Caro, in which you describe the Herald’s editorial policy as one that is striving for “Ideological accuracy.” I’m curious as to how you would apply this aforementioned ideological accuracy to Mr Leonard Pitt’s column “Don’t let fear trump hope” today.
    Is it the Herald’s contention that all conservatives and Republicans are racist fear mongerers as Mr. Pitts states in his diatribe? Is that “ideologically accurate?” Yes or no, please.
    Val Prieto
    Founder and Editor
    Babalu Blog

  3. Leonard Pitts is a perfect example of your typical intellectually dishonest liberal. In his opinion pieces he purposely distorts reality, ignores the obvious, and magnifies the improbable in order to further his own agenda.
    One thing is a person who passionately believes in a cause we disagree with, but another is a person, like Pitts, who knowingly and intentionally distorts reality in order to argue his point. The former I can deal with, the latter I have no use for.

  4. I couldnt resist emailing Pitts:
    Mr. Pitts,
    Rare is the occasion where I have the wherewithal to stomach one of your editorials. There is, after all, just so much finger nail scratching on chalkboards one can stand. But I felt the need to write you this short note upon reading today’s “Don’t let fear trump hope” column.
    I fully intended to pen a rather lengthy, researched and formal letter in response to your diatribe today but, problem is it’s just so full of absolute shit – please forgive the profanity but there is just no other way to adequately describe it – that I found myself just staring at a blank screen without knowing where to even begin.
    Funny, though – and ironic to say the least – how liberals like yourself so often take conservatives, and republicans in general, to task for their supposed “fear mongering” by expressing views or writing columns using, well, fear.
    Fear of fear. The new and improved liberal mantra and today’s Kool-Aid flavor.
    Val Prieto
    Founder and Editor
    Babalu Blog

  5. Mr. Puzz…..errrrrrrr, sorry, Mr. Pitts does not speak for the Hundreds of Tens of thousands who are hispanics,Black, mixed race or gays who voted for the Republican Party. In my humble opinion he is one of these self hateing white liberals who feel guity of having been born American and White. He is centinly right on one account….THE GOP WILL BE BACK. STRONGER AND WITH MORE VIGOR. We may have lost this election but I can assure Mr. Puzz….ehhhhhh Mr. Pitts, that we have NOT and WILL NOT LOSE THIS NATION to the socialist camp.
    He can count on that. Mr. Pitts…tremendo comemierda!

  6. Gee, I wonder how much actual business Pitts is bringing the Herald, and how that stacks up against how much he costs the Herald (both in terms of his salary and in the number of readers he alienates away from the paper). But hey, he has a Pulitzer, and that compensates for any and all sins, same as the Nobel Peace Prize. Just ask Arafat (or, if he’s too busy in Hell, ask Al Gore).

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhh….Thanks for the update Val. No need to worry about being called a racist…particulary when having a “give and take” with a leftist pinko. When they get to the point where they can`t rebuff an argument …the word “racist” will be thrown at us. Its the ultimate defense(?).

  8. “Yes, Team Red had its butt kicked and its lunch money taken a few weeks back”
    I believe it was something like 52% to 47%. I wonder what Pitts would have said after a real wipeout, like Reagan over Carter. Maybe “Carter was brutally gang-raped and made to squeal like a pig”?

  9. You’re right, it’s a great country when somebody like Pitts keeps making a living doing so little. I stopped reading him years ago — couldn’t stomach him either — when I realized he’s a typically angry, negative, racist twit who never sees anything worthwhile in anyone who doesn’t agree with his ideology. And he’s always on the warpath against the exiles, takes every opportunity for cheap shots; his colors came out in the laundry big time during the Elian era. He’s nothing but a mouthpiece for the hard-core left suits @ the Herald. And not even a good one: He doesn’t write well.
    What a miserable existence for Pitts to live with himself so filled with animus and absurd hatred. Methinks he makes great reading for suicidal types looking of an excuse to slice their wrists.
    Lives up to his last name, doesn’t he?

  10. One of the most interesting comments I heard on the National Review Cruise last week came from a fellow cruiser.
    He told me that a young Obama supporter told him she likes being with conservatives when they lose an election better than liberals because when liberals lose, they are always so angry and bitchy. When conservatives lose, they remain cheerful and regroup for the next chance to win.
    Like with this post, I have not yet met a happy liberal. If my side had won in such a grand landslide, I’d be so happy. How come I can’t find a happy liberal? This gal must be right. If this is the way liberals act when they win, goodness, how much worse to be around them when they lose.

  11. Living surrounded and working with liberals I can tell you that when they lose an election its like living and working in the middle of a chicken farm. When they win…its like living in the middle of a chicken farm until they find someone or something new to hate, bitch and whine about.

  12. A “typical” journalist for a metropolitan newspaper. His writing reminds me of people with the same mentality such as Jimmy Carter, Jane Fonda and Michael Moore. People with such mentalities and beliefs should try and live under Castro or Chavez for a while, and then see if their manner of thinking does not change real quick. It doesn’t take much ablity to be a writer, when writing articles from a particular angle all the time, and not being fair about it.

  13. Figuratively speaking…I wore the ink out of my pen writing ‘letters to the editor’ in response to the ignorant liberal rantings coming from Pitts. He is a disgusting piece of trash and one of the reasons I finally cancelled my Herald subscription a couple of years ago. Like most liberals, he lives in a fantasy world where facts mean nothing, and make believe is everything. They are intolerant and hateful, yet have the balls to label us as such. Unfortunately, they now have the ‘floor’, thanks to our lazy, ignorant, and ill-informed populace, so he feels even more justified in spewing his twisted views. He can E.S.A.D for all I care!

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