Secret Ballot Hypocrisy

I’ve written extensively how the Congressional Dems and their butt kissing progeny like Mr. Limpet (who’d rather fantasize to Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank over Megan Fox and Jessica Alba), are dying to pass this free choice act which will allow unions to muscle into the workplace by eliminating the secret ballot which has been part of the law since the NLRA was passed in the 1930’s. Heck, even liberal George McGovern (seen above in commercial) opposes the anti-democratic legislation that eliminates secret ballots. Of course the congress uses secret ballots just like they did when the had their coup d’etat against Cong. Dingell from Michigan. But the Dems don’t see that they’re covered in so much horse sh*t and have gotten so used to the stench that all seems normal for them. John Fund nicely describes the stench. But what do expect from these types. They’re dope smoking dopes! I wonder if Obama will join them at the bong line or if he’ll show some coglioni.

This week’s 137 to 122 vote of House Democrats to replace John Dingell with liberal Henry Waxman at the energy and commerce committee would likely not have happened but for the secret ballot. Even Rep. Louise Slaughter, chairwoman of the House Rules Committee, told Congressional Quarterly she was relieved the vote would be a private one: “It’s a secret ballot. . . . Thank the Lord.”
After all, the fearsome Mr. Dingell, who will become history’s longest-serving House member next year, has been known to hold grudges.
Yet the obvious irony is that Democrats now will try to deprive workers of the same privacy privilege in workplace unionization battles. So-called “card check” legislation would require an employer to sign a union contract as long as a simple majority of workers sign a form authorizing a union to represent them — a move that necessarily makes workers more vulnerable to coercion and intimidation than if they are voting by secret ballot.
And the ironies keep piling up. The leading House sponsor of card check is Rep. George Miller, who also served as campaign manager of Mr. Waxman’s race against Mr. Dingell, settled by secret ballot. What’s more, along with 10 House Democrats, Mr. Miller wrote a 2001 letter to Mexican government officials encouraging the “use of secret ballots in all union recognition elections.” The letter states: “We feel that the secret ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose.”
Rep. Miller and the other signers now say their demand was for secret ballot votes only when “workers seek to replace one union with another union. ” Funny. Their letter made no mention of that specific situation and instead referred to “all union recognition elections.”
A better explanation is that Democrats’ principled support for a secret ballot flies out the window when it comes to union organizing efforts sponsored by the special interests who helped them win control of Congress.

3 thoughts on “Secret Ballot Hypocrisy”

  1. I don’t know what I did, but after being out in the cold for weeks, typepad finally let me through.
    I thought it was the beginning of a plot by the Obama campaign to cut off our communications.
    I have decided to try to be happy and calm in front of liberals. I don’t know if it will work.
    But if anyone tries to rile me, I shall just use a phrase, “And so it begins”, to answer whatever way they try to challenge me.
    I’ve seen hypocrisy after hypocrisy and it doesn’t surprise me. This post shows only one example. Then there’s the way they stop vouchers, but defend Obama’s right to do what’s best for his children.
    As each new one shows up, if anyone notices it, I will just say “and so it begins”.

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