Old communists never die…

they just make believe that they never killed countless millions of innocent people and oppressed billions.
An online daily publication from Czechoslovakia, Aktuáln?.cz, sent a questionnaire to five new regional councilors who are avowed communists and card carrying members of the Czech Communist Party. The questions were not difficult, and any middle school student who has managed to stay awake for any reasonable amount of time during their history class would know the answers. But after agreeing to answer the questionnaire, all five refused to answer the questions after they received them. It seems they found the questions to be a little too rooted in reality, and you know that when it comes to leftists, reality is a huge bugaboo.
Here is a sample of some of the questions:

* Was Joseph V. Stalin a dictator and mass murderer?
* Was Klement Gottwald [first Czechoslovakia’s Communist president] Stalin’s ally, helping him to strengthen his political power in postwar Europe?
* Do the current communist regimes in China, Cuba and North Korea murder, maltreat and oppress innocent people?
* Did the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia represent military aggression?

One of the communists, Zden?k Dobrý, took a page right out of Barack Obama’s campaign playbook. His response was that he was only interested in the future and sees no value in dredging up the past.

“… after looking at your questions, I will not respond. Unlike you, I want to focus on citizens’ problems in the present and the future and not on my opinion on times long past.”

It is a very convenient view for someone who has chosen to affiliate himself with an ideology that has arguably murdered more people and oppressed more nations than any other in the history of civilization. Why dig up all those horrid tales of gulags and tortures and executions and genocidal acts committed by the loyal followers of Marxism when we can just wipe the slate clean and make believe it never happened?
Heck, it worked for Obama, did it not?

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  1. It’s true that old communists never die. What I can’t fathom is why people keep electing them into office. Don’t people ever learn?

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