We talk, you just listen and send money

With what they perceive to be a softer stance against tyrannical dictatorships by the incoming American presidential administration, the Cuban thugocracy is licking its lips in anticipation of opening up a dialog with the new American president. When they say “dialog,” however, they actually mean they talk and the US listens. It is a one-way street for them and the only thing they will allow to flow back from the US will be dollars with no strings attached. The regime has no interest other than to maintain power and get richer.
Every single offer ever tended by the dictatorship to “normalize relations” has been conditional; conditional on the US not asking them for anything, not demanding from them anything, not imploring them for anything, and not suggesting to them anything. Every single offer has also been conditional on the US giving them everything they ask for; money, credit, trade agreements, immigration agreements, and anything else they can think of at that moment.
Nevertheless, every time the dictator, his crown prince, or one of their murderous cohorts makes this offer, the American media falls all over itself to show how it is the US that is hindering this reconciliation between neighbors. As you can see in the AP news article below, they just gloss over that nasty and inconvenient detail. The headline would lead you to believe that the regime is making a plea for reconciliation when in reality, it is a demand for capitulation.

Cuba Urges Obama to Make Moves to Normalize Diplomatic Relations
HAVANA — Cuba’s foreign minister urged U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to keep his promise to ease restrictions on family travel and remittances to the island, saying it would be a positive step toward normalizing diplomatic relations.
Felipe Perez Roque told reporters at the opening of Pakistan’s new embassy in Havana that “we are willing, as we’ve always said, to one day normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.”
Obama has said he plans to loosen restrictions on Cuban Americans who want to travel or send money to Cuba. Those with relatives here are currently allowed to visit only once every three years.
Perez Roque said Havana would view such changes positively — calling them “a positive first step” — but he repeated the communist government’s demands that Washington close its military prison at Guantanamo Bay, rewrite immigration rules for Cuban migrants and completely lift nearly 50-year-old economic sanctions that outlaw nearly all trade with the island and prohibit U.S. tourists from visiting.
“Cuba’s position is very clear,” he said. “We firmly demand the lifting of the embargo, the ceasing of extraterritorial measures taken to persecute our trade with other countries.”

Ending the embargo entirely would require congressional approval, and Obama has said he does not intend to do that.
Perez Roque spoke a day after former President Fidel Castro wrote in an essay that with Obama, “a conversation can be held wherever he wants.”
Raul Castro, who succeeded his ailing, 82-year-old older brother in February, recently said he would be willing to talk with Obama.

If Obama decides to capitulate and give the regime what they want, there are going to be a lot of people that are going to get richer and more powerful. The problem is none of them will be the common Cuban living on the island because without slaves you cannot be a slave trader now can you?

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  1. Alberto,
    I can’t agree with you more, Obama will more than likely be willing to close the base and more.
    Ya veremos.

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