Cuban Regime Co-Produces Che Guevara Movie

“Che” film gets thumbs up in Cuba,” ran the headline from CNN’s Havana Bureau on Dec. 8. Benicio Del Toro, who stars as Che, was in the Cuban capital at the Havana Film Festival this week-end presenting the movie he co-produced. “Che the movie met Che the myth in Cuba this weekend,” starts the CNN report, “and the lengthy biopic of the Argentinean revolutionary won acclaim from among those who know his story best. ”
Indeed, but the acclaim came because those “who knew his story best” (Castro and his Stalinist henchmen, the film’s chief mentors) saw that their directives had been followed slavishly, that Che’s (genuine) story was completely absent from the movie. More here:

3 thoughts on “Cuban Regime Co-Produces Che Guevara Movie”

  1. And in the NYT where all the news that’s fit to print appears, after a rousing review of the movie and a comment that criticized the Cuban film industry, all that appeared in the letters to the editor column this week was a letter praising award winning films that came from Cuba. Not one demurral about the film. Either that shows that readers of this scurrilous paper agree with the movie’s nonsense or the paper saw no need to print the letters of those that are upset by this whole thing.
    And, as an added cute touch, under the letters this week came the “corrections”. The last of these was the apology because the Times had misstated the outcome of the vote on Proposition 8, the measure that bans same sex marriage. A majority voted for the proposition in California, not against it as the Times had reported. Oops.
    What a paper!

  2. The New York Times is very selective. For the most part, the “paper of record” ignores letters from readers critical of their pro-Castro coverage. From personal experience, I’ve written to them countless times and I’ve never been published. I’ve known Cuban Americans who have written to the Times and have been published, but their letters have been severely edited, so much so that their impact has been lost. The NYT is a blight on the body politics of this country.
    They should change their slogan from “All the news that is fit to print,” to “All the news that WE SEE fit to Print!”

  3. Benicio del Toro (whose name translates as Pernicious Bull) is a pathetic, disgraceful moron. He epitomizes celebrity fatuousness, trendy shallowness and blatant hypocrisy. Neither he nor Soderbergh would ever have given the benefit of the doubt to a “controversial” right-wing figure, and they know it. By the way, a Soderbergh-del Toro biopic on the asshole, I mean hero, who threw his shoe at Bush should be out very soon.

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