All the bullshit that’s fit to print

This asshole NYT reader wins the prize for useful idiot of the year:

Mr. Cohen diminishes Cuba’s real achievements in raising the standard of living for all its people with phrases like “at a colossal price” and “thanks to socialist economic disaster,” and seems to lay the blame for Cuba’s limitations solely at its own feet.
Yes, Cubans are paying a price, but it is not “colossal” if you compare conditions for the majority of people there today to the conditions they endured during the Batista era.

Who’s feet should we lay the blame on jackass? The United States, the country that had $1.8 of its business assets stolen from it? The country that fidel castro said Cuba didn’t need? Maybe the blame should be laid on the former Soviet Union that subsidized Cuba all those years or perhaps Venezuela that’s been subsidizing it all these recent years. Or perhaps we can lay the blame on those crazy right wing exiles, all 2 million of them, many of whom keep the regime afloat.
Batista? Batista was in power as a dictator for all of 6 years as a dictator. When does the statute of limitations expire on that? fidel’s dictatorship has lasted for EIGHT times the duration of Batista’s. And let me ask this question, if things were so bad back then why was Cuban immigration to the U.S. in the 1950s negative? Negative immigration, more Americans moving to Cuba than vice versa when the doors to both countries were wide open.
Fifty years later, the New York Times continues to shill for the regime it helped put into power. I mean really, perhaps they should hire Edward Schumacher-Matos to edit the letters page based on his theory of “ideological accuracy”.
‘The New York Times’ Bias Journalism Covers Up True Facts
Postscript 2:
Not to be outdone by the Times, Reuters is not simply content to have a Havana correspondent, Marc Frank that penned more than 1,000 stories for the official newspaper of Communist Party USA, now they are actively spreading more happy horseshit from the regime. Yes, yes, Cuba has survived “peak oil” and is an agricultural miracle and is also very “sustainable”. Sustainable as long as you have a billion dollars a year in remittances and a U.S. visa lottery to get rid of the people who can’t sustain their misery anymore.

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  1. And of course, the NYT’s published that letter! I’m sure that there were countless letters sent expressing the exact opposite sentiment and they were all unceremoniously discarded!

  2. This reminds me of the Miami Herald-Fiedler-Chihuahua incident. I only saw one measly letter to the editor on the matter, and it was only weakly critical, almost apologetically so. I know for a fact that far stronger and more incensed letters were sent to the Herald’s editor. I never saw any of them in print.

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