Che movie is rotten

I haven’t written about the new film about Che because I haven’t had time. It’s a shame that a major motion picture was made about the Argentine dirtbag murderer that once again fails to highlight how much of a dirtbag murderer he was. But what do you expect from a Hollywood director and an idiotic actor? I mean seriously, accuracy and intelligence are not the first things you think about when you hear that combination.
Anyway I thought you’d be interested in some choice quotes from some of the many bad reviews this stinker of a flick has gotten:
The whole movie is a forced march.
-David Edelstein New York Magazine
But Soderbergh’s version of Che is too good to be true: Movie Che is a towering idealist who just keeps on coming, but he lacks any sense of character. He is heartless, all computer chips and wires inside. He’s the Revolutionator…
Soderbergh’s Che is a shallow, artificial archetype…
Worse, there is no narrative drama, no psychological depth, and no exploration of Guevara’s personal history. Soderbergh asks us to accept Che without thinking or coming to any conclusions about him. As a result, in Part One, Che comes across like a subject out of Leni Riefenstahl; in Part Two, his tortures of the damned could have been directed by Mel Gibson.

-Paul Brenner,
Out-perversing Gus Van Sant’s Milk, Soderbergh makes a four-hour-plus biopic about a historical figure without providing a glimmer of charm or narrative coherence. One can’t accuse Soderbergh of pandering to feel-good piety because Che proudly resists sentimentality about people’s power, distribution of wealth, Marxist theology, radical chic or morbid celebrity.
Soderbergh glosses all that, yet still wins Leftist critical acclaim (and a WTF Cannes Best Actor prize for Del Toro’s inexpressive performance) because Che— dead or deadening—remains a politically correct icon. It requires some new kind of orneriness to take Che’s famous image (saintly pose in beret with a star or sexy pose with a cheroot hanging from his lip) and continuously alienate an audience from what it represents…
Neither rabble-rousing politician, humanist historian or trailblazing artiste, Soderbergh’s a Pseud.

-Armond White, New York Press
Soderbergh is nothing if not determined. As desultory and unsatisfying as “Che” is, it still bears the stamp of a personal obsession. But to what end exactly? Soderbergh adds very little to our knowledge of Guevara, both as icon and as human being. Mostly what we get are docudramatic snippets from a life all too hagiographically rendered. (Where are Che’s death squads?)
-Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
You can’t spell cliché without “Che.” And as I endured this mad dream directed – or perhaps committed – by Steven Soderbergh, I wondered where I’d seen it all before. The booted stomping through the greensward, the jungly target shooting? It’s a remake of Woody Allen’s “Bananas,” right? Minus punch lines – or perhaps with them. “We are in a difficult situation,” Che observes, at a point when his army is surrounded and forced to eat its horses…
This isn’t a movie so much as a siege. When the screen flashed “Day 302,” I thought it was updating me on how long I had spent in the theater without food, water or access to the Red Cross.
Che, although armed, allows himself to be taken alive, which means an amusing execution in the dust instead of righteous death in battle. Soderbergh…takes Che’s point of view as the moment of expiration arrives, sharing with us a vision of a blinding white light as the furry comandante slips into Commie heaven. Say hi to the Rosenbergs for me! Fidel says, “See ya soon.”

-Kyle Smith, New York Post
You know that guy in the beret on all those T-shirts? Yeah, that’s communist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and in this movie you get to see him (or rather, Benicio Del Toro) running around in the woods with guns for four and a half hours. Yes, that’s right five hours if you count intermission…
Steven Soderbergh’s movie takes no stand except by omission. Rather infuriatingly, he completely skips over the most controversial era in Guevara’s life—when he was in power…
While Soderbergh clearly made the movie he wanted to make, rather than the one we might have liked to see, shouldn’t there have been time in all these hours to cover the controversial aspects just a little bit more?

-Luke Y. Thompson, E! Online

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  1. Of all the reviews posted, Luke Thompson of E! was on-point. Soderbergh failed to examine the failures of Che (which are plenty more than his success).

  2. The lunacy about Che Guevara knows no end. I’m associated with the publishing industry and next year a publisher in Spain is set to put out a book which is one in a series about great men. These books for children pretend to teach children about the dreams of great men when they were children themselves. The publisher has already put out books on Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Plato [if I remember correctly] etc…now they are set to put out one on Che. Can you imagine, putting this psychopathic, untalented, boorish vagabond on the same level as Da Vinci, a Michaelangelo and a Plato who were some of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known? So, they are set to brainwash yet another generation of children. What’s more, I have access to magazines of the trade and the latest issue of Critica Magazine that provides information about new publications in Spanish has a one page ad by the publisher Ocean Sur advertising 7 books by Che!
    Sidenote: can you imagine how full of himself this monunmental idiot was that he wrote no less than 7 full length diaries! The publisher proudly notes that the new Soderbergh movie is based on two of those diaries:
    El Diario del Che en Bolivia
    Pasajes de la Guerra Revolucionaria
    Worst still, can you imagine what type of idiot would suffer himself to read Che’s tripe?

  3. I wish I could have been there to protest the opening of this move in NYC. Unfortunately, I had a family emergency where I had to fly down to Florida. Everything is ok with the family, but the fact that this movie is even out is just awful.

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