Japi Birzdey Tu Yuuuuuu

Today one of our Babalu colleagues celebrates his birthday. Classified information regulations prohibit me from posting the actual number, but let’s just say he ain’t no baby.

Felicidades, Alberto, en tu día que lo pases con sana alegría muchos años de paz y armonía felicidad, felicidad, felicidad.

Yep, nothing like public embarrassment to end a beautiful friendship.

14 thoughts on “Japi Birzdey Tu Yuuuuuu”

  1. Thank you, Val and Amanda. And Val, I’ll make sure to pass the Geritol on to Moneo; God knows he needs it more than I do.
    Just so you know, George, I am not a mentiroso for saying I turned 34; I did turn 34. Perhaps not on this particular year, but that is not important.

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