Riddle me this

What does the shoe-thrower from the Bush press conference have on his wall in his apartment? You guessed it:

A day after the incident, al-Zeidi’s three brothers and one sister gathered in al-Zeidi’s simple, one-bedroom apartment in west Baghdad. The home was decorated with a poster of Latin American revolutionary leader [c]he [g]uevara, who is widely lionized in the Middle East.

What a world. What a world.
(H/T Wife of Pitbull)

4 thoughts on “Riddle me this”

  1. George I saw this earlier in El Nuevo Dia (Puertorrican newspaper) and I think it left me in shock for the rest of the day. WTF??? As my husband states, what the hell can this guy possibly know of Che Guevera?

  2. .
    Dubya got a real kick out of this. In Saddam’s day this reporter would have been fed to the plastic shredder, after being forced to watch his wife and daughters get gang-raped.

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    Bush was worse than Hitler…
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