Hot Damn! Best Review of Che Movie Yet!

Sent to me from New York amiga, Marie Coccia.:
“MEET Che Guevara. Just think of him as Jesus plus Abraham Lincoln with a touch of Moses and Dr. Doug Ross. After 4½ hours of watching Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara heal the sick, teach the illiterate, daze the women, execute the lawless, defeat the corrupt, uplift the peasantry and spew the sound bite, I was convinced there would be a scene in which he turned water to Bacardi.”
The rest here.

3 thoughts on “Hot Damn! Best Review of Che Movie Yet!”

  1. Even though it has gotten horrible reviews, expect several Academy Award nominations this coming year. Remember Warren Beatty’s horrible ode to communism, “Reds,” and how it was nominated to no less than 11 Oscars!

  2. It’s the strangest thing about Reds. I remember it as not an ode to communism but a rebuke. I don’t think Beatty would be too pleased at my reaction, but that’s what it was. I even wrote Beatty to ask him but never received an answer.
    How was it an ode when Beatty’s character was seen running away from the reds and to the whites? How was it an ode when he is in the hopital and it looks like a rundown prison instead of a clean western style place? How was it an ode when there was shown so much hideous infighting in the politics of the communist party here?
    I saw lots of idealism at first but it all boiled down to murderousness and decadence.
    That was the reaction I got, anyway.

  3. I thought it was about high hopes followed by disappointment. I also thought it was a very well made film. And of course it won awards! Any movie that sticks it in the eye of mainstream America will win awards.

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