I voted.

Did you? Did you know we elected a property tax appraiser today? I was driving to work and saw the sign at my precinct that there was an election. I voted for Pedro J. Garcia, who won 59% to 41% over Gwen Margolis.
Of course the Herald endorsed Margolis. Another piece of evidence that the Herald is irrelevant in this community.

5 thoughts on “I voted.”

  1. Henry
    Your argument that the Herald is irrelevant is full of holes.
    To link the who wins or loses an election in Miami Dade based on a Herald endorsement is faulty logic. Very few people vote based on Herald endorsements.
    But if you insist on pursuing it let me remind you that the Herald endorsed Obama. And he won Miami Dade 58% to McCain’s 42%.
    If anything is irrelevant it’s your argument.
    Take a seat on the back of the bus amigo!

  2. Hey dickface, if you’re arguing that Herald is relevant you should take it up with the 150,000 or so people that have canceled their subscriptions in the last 10 years or so. The Herald also endorsed Raul Martinez, douchebag. And of course Obama won Dade county, a county that Kerry and Gore carried. That wasn’t exactly going out on limb.

  3. Haha, the only cocksucker here is you. “engage” me in a little “dialogue” is that what you call it? Bullshit, you’re the same fucking loser I have to ban from this blog every few weeks. Can’t stay away? Can’t live without me?

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