Don’t cry for me, Christina


Only God knows what Argentine President, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, is thinking as she shakes the bloodstained hand of a man responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Cubans. From the expression on her face in this photograph taken at the Latin American summit in Brazil this week, however, it appears that the dread of being so close to a mass murderer is not one of those thoughts. Instead, she seems to be elated to shake the hand of a despotic dictator.
It is a scene that has repeated itself countless times over the last fifty years. Heads of State and their officials as well as prominent religious leaders, businessmen, journalists, and entertainers, all seem to relish the chance to meet and be photographed with an honest to goodness, living and breathing, murderous dictator. The grins seen in the photographs illustrate the admiration they feel for the killers and the high regard in which they are held. Although I have lost count of how many of these photographs I have seen, I still cannot get used to seeing such a lack of respect for Cubans, and for humanity. Regardless of how many people like Christina Fernandez de Kirchner line up to have their picture taken with a murderer, I do not think that I will ever be desensitized to the visual image of an otherwise reasonable and intelligent person, smiling as they pose for a picture next to an assassin.
Don’t cry for me, Christina, and don’t cry for my Cuban brothers and sisters who live under the yoke of a vile dictatorship, and don’t cry for the tens of thousands of innocent Cubans who have died and whose blood is on the hand you are shaking. You, like so many others like you, had an opportunity to stand up against tyranny, and instead you chose to pose for a picture with it.
Dictatorships can last for a very long time, but they cannot last forever. Memories of your smiling face as you shake the hand of our oppressor and executioner, though, will last forever.

6 thoughts on “Don’t cry for me, Christina”

  1. Actually, she looks as if she is not at all aware whose hand she is shaking (she’s not even looking at him), all she’s interested in is looking good for the photo-op. Vanity, thy name is Cristina–disgusting!

  2. Castro chose Guevara as his executioner, since to Guevara an Argentine, we Cubans were merely “others,” distant, different from himself, people of no consequence, mere murder fodder.
    In memory of Rene Cuervo, a friend, a mere non-communist rebel in Guevara’s way.

  3. Vanity? Too bad she has little or nothing to be vain about, except her position.
    Considering the current (not to mention the old) mess in Argentina, this wannabe model and would-be fashionista should be doing anything but smiling and cavorting with Mr. Charisma. What a piece of fraudulent bullshit, just like her cross-eyed hubby, the ex-terrorist.
    But hey, these assholes get elected, over and over again. No wonder these “Latin” countries are perennial basket cases. Of course, that’s obviously not what la Kirchner is worried about. She’s got her next outfit to put together. Gotta look stylish, you know. I wonder what Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher would think of her.

  4. Take pictures and names, U.S.! Then when these socialist scoundrels royally f**k-up their countries and seek residency in Miami..”hey! wasn’t that you dissing the “Yankee imperialists” and “capitalism” at that summit! So how come…?And now you seek…?”
    I dare say if the U.S. had done the same with regards to Cubans in 59-61 Miami would be much less congested today. No Lesnick’s and their ilk.

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