Freedom Flight Passenger Archives

Last Sunday I posted on the beginning of the Miami Herald series commemorating the 50th anniversary of you know what. One of the links was to a searchable database with the names of passengers who took the Freedom Flights to Miami between 1965 and 1973.
However, the search function was screwed up when the Herald first put it up last weekend. Good news: they now appear to have fixed the order in which the names are listed, or least have made it much easier to search and find names and dates. Not perfect, but a big improvement.
Here is the link to the improved searchable database. I was able to find some relatives of my wife and I. Pretty neat, IMO. This is something that could serve as the beginning of a Cuban-American version of the Ellis Island archives if more data is gathered and organized correctly for easy searching of names and documents.
Happy searching!

2 thoughts on “Freedom Flight Passenger Archives”

  1. It’s pretty cool! I found a bunch of family members. It’s interesting how many people had their names spelled wrong! Martiza to Marisa, etc.

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