Accuracy in retail

The photo below comes from Professor Antonio de la Cova who took it in Jakarta, Indonesia.

While shopping at the Taman Anggrek Mall, we found a store that sells Che T-shirts along with Hitler T-shirts. At least they got it right putting both of them together. You know that this would never fly in the U.S. Some people would protest that Che’s image would be placed next to that of Hitler.

4 thoughts on “Accuracy in retail”

  1. There should be a whole lineup including some from Indonesia’s Muslimist troublemakers.
    But this is enough. Perfect!

  2. South Korean ‘cool’ kids have a love affair with Hitler and the Nazis. The Hitler cafes were shut down… but they seem to spring up from time to time.
    Of course, when someone educated points out that Hitler was worse than Tojo (someone the Koreans remember), it all stops being cool for them…..

  3. Perfect–absolutely PERFECT!! If you bother to read most Cuban-American objections to Che movies, paraphanalia, etc., we don’t usually object to its existence. We simply ask: what would happen if other butchers were similarly heralded?

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