The Marxist Christmas Miracle

And just in case you weren’t in the holiday mood, here’s something that made me turn green and start seeing red.
The Saint Petersburg Times has declared that Cuba is back to pre hurricane form…in just three months.
Yes. Just three months after Cuba was gang battered by hurricanes, everything is back to “normal.”
And how did this miracle happen?
Why through the “organizational capacity of the Communist Party system”, of course.
You see as the Saint Petersburg Times’ “reporter” reminds us, that after the hurricanes hit, there was …

… widespread speculation that Cuba’s communist government simply wouldn’t be able to pay for the estimated $10-billion recovery effort. The 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, approaching on Dec. 31, loomed as a potentially huge embarrassment if the government couldn’t muster resources to help its own citizens….

But then the Marxist Miracle happened….

But barely three months later, life is slowly returning to normal. Cuba has engineered a remarkable recovery that serves as a reminder of the organizational capacity of the Communist Party system.

As ridiculous as that sounds, we have to admit the “reporter” has a point. The real “organizational capacity” of communism is the ability to lie and spread propaganda. And that, makes all things possible.
But the real miracle is getting some “reporter” that lives in the land of the free and the home of the brave to “serve as a reminder of the organizational capacity of the Communist Party system.” That right there is unexplainable-a Marxist Miracle.