Eartha Kitt – RIP

I got turned on to Eartha Kitt as a young boy watching the old Batman series where she starred as Catwoman. Of course, her version of “Santa Baby” was always fun to listen to every holiday season.
Another one of the greats gone away …. as they go away we are left with more and more mediocrity.
Here’s an old Batman episode….enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Eartha Kitt – RIP”

  1. I love how Eartha Kitt was the “extra special guest villainess”! LOL
    I just want Bat Girl’s purple motorcycle. 🙂

  2. Eartha Kitt was amazing. Even though no one could have replaced Julie Newmar as the definitive Catwoman, she came close. Hell of a lot closer than Haley Berry did.
    Ceaser Romero was, as I’m sure everyone here knows, a Cuban. Yyvone Craig who played Batgirl obviously wasn’t. Or else she would have filled out that Batgirl costume a hell of a lot better!

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