Question out of Arkansas

Responding to the declaration against the US embargo by Latin American leaders, Miguel Perez raises an interesting question in this. With a new, more liberal administration on the way, shouldn’t the “imperialistas” become “amigos?” Based on what he’s seen, the answer would seem to be that we will continue to be the bogey man as far as some leaders are concerned. Gotta blame someone for the debacle in Cuba, no?
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They choose to overlook Cuba’s 50 years without free elections, free speech or freedom of the press. They refuse to see the dissidents rotting in jail or drowning while trying to escape from the Communist island. They shamelessly align themselves with the world’s oldest dictatorship, yet Latin American leaders make it seem as if the only country that has stood firmly against such atrocities — the United States — is really the villain.

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  1. It is as if castro made a deal with the devil. The deal would go something like this: castro, “Let me rule Cuba for the rest of my life and you can have my soul. Let me ruin the beautiful island of Cuba, let me turn the island into a living hell, like your hell master devil, let me charm people from countries around the world, let them be blind or ignorant to the atrocities that I will commit on the Cuban people, and you can have my soul.” And we all know what the devil’s answer was.

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