4 thoughts on “So, um, how was your Christmas?”

  1. Santa screwed me over! I asked for a t-shirt of porn star Jeanna Jamison and he sent me a che shirt instead! So I called the north pole hot-line and after two hours I finally got the big man himself. And, boy did I give him a piece of my mind! How could he send me a shirt with that cabron on it instead of Ms. Jamison! His answer? “I’m sorry son, but I can’t tell one c*** from the other!”

  2. I didn’t ask for anything ’cause things are tough all over, but I’m thankful to see my loved ones healthy, and everyone [still] having a job.
    And from the loony toons at the office, I received a stack of Starbucks cards in various denominations …… now if they only gave me the laptop to go with them.
    Safe weekend, everyone.

  3. All I wanted for Christmas was to spend time with my parents,daughter, family and friends, and I got my wish. This was one of the happiest Christmases I have ever had surrounded by the people that mean the most to me, filled with joy and love.

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