MSM Report Card for stories about 50th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

Ladies and gentlemen, as a public service I’ve devised this report card by which you can judge all the stories that are being published about the Cuban Revolution’s 50th anniversary. The thing is that the report card is from the point of view of the regime. In other words, how obedient are the “journalists” being to the official propaganda line from the regime?

+10 Points for mentioning that the castro regime has outlasted 10 U.S. presidential administrations
+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “healthcare advances”
+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “educational/literacy advances”
+10 Points for referring to either raul or fidel castro as “president”
+10 Points for mentioning U.S. attempts to assassinate fidel castro
+10 Points for mentioning U.S. embargo as a possible source for Cuba’s disastrous economy.
+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “doctor diplomacy”
+10 Points for using the word “dictator” in connection with Batista and not in connection with the castro brothers
+10 Points for referring to mafia influence in pre-castro Cuba.
+10 Points for use of the word “sovereignty”
BONUS: +10 Points for referring to the U.S. embargo on Cuba as a “blockade”.

Now for the negatives.

-10 Points for use of the word “communist”
-10 Points for mention of political prisoners
-10 Points for mentioning a political prisoner by name
-10 Points for any mention of possible human rights abuses in Cuba
-10 Points for each mention of the lack a particular freedom (assembly, political speech, movement, etc.)
-10 Points for any favorable mention of Cuban exile community
-10 Points for use of any of the words liberty, freedom or democracy
-10 Points for any reference to firing squads
-10 Points for referring to communist CDRs as neighborhood spy organizations

2 thoughts on “MSM Report Card for stories about 50th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution”

  1. Way to go Henry! I love this innovative idea of creating a MSM Report Card for stories about Cuba! It’s an idea that was desperately needed.
    Please make this a recurring thing at Babalublog! Dissect and expose the SOB’s for what they are: castroites, apologists, incompetent journalists and useful fools!

  2. Hey Henry,
    I like your point system. You should use this system everytime an article comes out. I also think you should put this on the sidebar, so new visitors can understand the point system better.

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