[c]astro is a flea looking for a rat

Interesting column in News Blaze about the 50th anniversary of the castroite revolution in Cuba:

The 50th Anniversary Cuban Revolution celebration is in a word, LAUGHABLE! For fifty years the communists on the Island and their fellow travelers in the U.S. media, education and Hollywood have applauded Castro for the will and tenacity to stand up to the “terrible” and “treacherous” “bully” to the North, namely the United States. The truth is, the only ones who should care, and they don’t anymore because they have an infinitely better life in the U.S., are the expatriates. How many U.S. citizens are beating the door down to immigrate to Cuba?

There’s a lot to agree with in the column but there’s plenty of Cubans who care, and even those that don’t should care.

1 thought on “<em>[c]astro is a flea looking for a rat</em>”

  1. Henry,
    I thought that Castro was the one full of fleas (or maybe shit, that’s more likely).
    Remember that his nickname back in his Havana University days was “Bola de Churre”.

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