Hemingway Archive now open in Cuba

According to the BBC:

Cuba has opened up electronic access to thousands of documents belonging to the writer Ernest Hemingway, who wrote some of his greatest works on the island.
The archive includes photographs, letters and manuscripts, as well as an unpublished epilogue to Hemingway’s novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls.
The items had been stored in the cellar of the writer’s Cuban home for decades.
Curators say the files offer an insight into Hemingway’s life on the island, where he lived for 20 years.

Not available for search on the electronic archives, of course, are the books from Hemingway’s personal collection that are being sold off to tourists for about 200 bucks each.

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  1. I have extreme reservations about the Hemingway-Cuba connection. Castro, Inc. has not been playing that card for ages for nothing.

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