The best argument yet for lifting the embargo

Leave it to the Los Angeles Times travel blog writer, Pete Thomas, to provide us with the best and most convincing argument yet in favor of lifting the US embargo against the despotic Cuban dictatorship. While other anti-embargo proponents make circular arguments that refute their own points, Mr. Thomas cuts right through to the crux of the matter and gives us the best reasoning to date why the US should change its policy towards Cuba’s totalitarian regime.

Hooray for freedom to openly visit, for the first time in 50 years, a Caribbean island nation that boasts stunningly beautiful beaches; some of the world’s best fishing for tarpon, permit and bonefish; spectacular scuba diving; rollicking surf breaks; a vibrant night life, and, of course, savory cigars.
Christopher Columbus described Cuba as “the most beautiful land seen by human eyes,” and I’d like to see for myself, legally, while I’m fit and active.
Canadians and Europeans should not be the only tourists to enjoy unfettered access to a scenic outdoors paradise that is essentially in our backyard.

How can any reasonable person argue with that? Cuba has beautiful beaches, great fishing, savory cigars, and a vibrant night life; why should all of these great attributes be forbidden to Americans?
Now I know what you are thinking: How do we get past the fact that Cuba is run by a criminal gang of thugs led by the vile Castro brothers and is one of the most oppressive, most violent, most murderous regimes in modern history?
Mr. Thomas knew you were going to ask that question, so he is prepared with yet another brilliant, straight-to-the-point, blow-the-embargo-proponents-out-of-the-water, type response.

Punitive sanctions imposed on the Cuban government have helped no one.
The country, though its people probably would benefit from a democratic system of government, poses no threat.

Once again, how can you argue with such concise reasoning? Sure, he admits that Cubans would benefit in a democracy, but the point here, as Mr. Thomas so clearly illustrates, is not what benefits Cubans. The point here is what benefits Mr. Thomas and other Americans like him that want to enjoy Cuba’s beaches, cigars, and vibrant night life.
Mr. Thomas, you see, has effectively removed the only argument embargo proponents have; the interest and future of the Cuban people.

6 thoughts on “The best argument yet for lifting the embargo”

  1. So Cubans “probably would benefit from a democratic system of government.” PROBABLY. As if he’s not sure. Or, far more likely, as if he couldn’t care less whether they’re free or not, as long as he gets his. After all, they’re just Cubans, so no need to get all hot and bothered over their miserably oppressive system. It’s not like it’s a right wing dictatorship or anything, so no real problem there. Now, peddling tourism in apartheid-era South Africa, THAT would have a been a no-no. Big time. But Cuba? Let the good times (for tourists and those who profit off them) roll!

  2. Give Thomas credit for being honest and not pretending to care about the Cuban people as so many pro-embargo proponents try to do. It also makes his utter lack of morals so easy to spot.

  3. Robert, he’s not being honest for the sake of honesty, but rather because he knows he’s covered. Nobody who matters will call him on it. What do you think would happen to a media member who wrote and published that slavery or apartheid was PROBABLY wrong or PROBABLY bad for black people, but as long as the country doing it (like South Africa) posed no threat to the US, it was perfectly OK to promote tourism there? You know what would happen. So does everybody else, including Thomas. He knows what’s safe and what’s dangerous. They all do in the MSM, and it sure as hell shows.

  4. Asombra; excellent comments, you’re spot-on. The liberal/left is the epitome of hypocrisy and double standards, they don’t have an ounce of morality. God, they make me sick…

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