Make mine white

A guy at work came to the office the other day wearing a black shirt with a red star like this one:
I asked him about it and he said, “a buddy brought it back for me from China.”
Not wanting to get into a deep discussion about that red star and what it stands for I told him, “I’m going to design a better shirt for you.” And here it is:
I prefer the white star and what it symbolizes better. You can buy it here. The shirt is also available in red with the white star (for Cuba) and olive drab with the white star (U.S. Military).

3 thoughts on “Make mine white”

  1. i got a Captain America shirt and sometimes wear it with my cambio band. Dude looked at me the other day, wearing a red cccp shirt, I looked back and nodded, “That’s right, and damn proud of it too.”
    Good going, Henry.

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