Pro-terrorist protest in San Fran

Zombie has yet another excellent photo report on an anti-Israel rally held last Saturday in San Francisco posted right here.
As usual, among all the anti-semites, terrorist wannabes, anti-American, flag burning Hamas and Hezbolla supporters, anarchists, and other associated dumbasses are the usual che loving shitbags:


And of course, the Cuban government propaganda ministry misses no opportunities:

There are tons more excellent pictures showing the true nature of the protesters at Zombie’s, check them all out here.
On a side note, I really don’t know how Zombie does it as if it were me at that protest, I would have beaten the snot out of a bunch of them, starting with che hat boy above. Without prejudice.
Photos above by Zombie.

2 thoughts on “Pro-terrorist protest in San Fran”

  1. there were a bunch of these buttmunches here in Fort Lauderdale last week.
    It’s funny that no matter what lunatic fringe groups there is out there having a rally on something (e.g. sex with goats), there’s always some dumbshit with a che shirt, hat, or placard. Never fails.

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