The final poll?

Well folks, I’m sure most of you have already heard about the latest rumors. Once again speculations are running rampant and most Cubans in and out of the island are contemplating whether or not the bearded bastard has finally kicked the bucket. Sleeps with the fishes. Bought the farm. Punched his ticket. Taking the dirt nap.
Has the fat lady finally sung?
This leads to, of course, yet another is fidel dead poll:

2 thoughts on “The final poll?”

  1. I believe that fifo is either dead or in a coma. Had he been “alive” or conscious, hugo chavez would’ve been invited to attend the “50 year celebration of the robolution.”
    Not only that, but President Cristina ,silicon lips, Fernandez from Argentina has canceled her visit to Habana, and President Michelle Bachelet’s visit is also up in the air.
    IMHO raulita is waiting for the big O to be inaugurated to announce fifo’s death.

  2. Do you think that is the reason for why it seems that from all sides, and parts of the world, there are idiotic articles, downplaying all negatives about the Cuban regime and up-playing the United States’ as the cruel neighbor to the North?

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