6 thoughts on “Pray for Fidel?”

  1. The creator of the “Pray for Fidel” site, obviously has a warped sense of humor. I can’t believe that he or she is serious. Undoubtedly just trying to get a rise out of people. I mean, if he is so concerned about the soul of a tyrant, why doesn’t he create a corrollary “Pray for Hitler” site, or how about a “Pray for Genghis Khan” or a “Pray for Stalin” site, the list of tyrants is endless.
    By the way, the only way Castro could have been forgiven [and I use the word “forgiven” for argument’s sake] was if he had repented, but he never repented. In fact, he kept on defiantly writing those horrible opinion pieces full of hatred and bile to the very end.
    A sign of repention would have been a dismantling of the tyrannical system that he established, and the creation of a real democracy with habeas corpus, free elections, freedom of speech, the release of all political prisoners, etc..
    Of course, he would have had to give up all of that wealth that he stole from the Cuban people which now sits in Swiss Bank accounts for his descendants to enjoy, and naturally he would have had to step down and to have submitted himself to an international court for judgement.
    Only then one could have said that he had repented.

  2. Yeah! I’m going to pray for fidel castro:
    I’m going to pray that he dies a painful death.
    I’m going to pray that he burns in hell for all eternity.
    I’m going to pray that we all get the chance to remove him from his grave and piss on him.
    Starting right now…I’m going to pray

  3. I can’t help but feel a conviction in me to comment that if everyone here believes in The Lord, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit then maybe you should pray for Fidel, and that he’s saved before he dies.
    I can also understand that most of you have first-hand experience, or have family that experienced persecution. Remember, Pope John Paul II was loving to the man that attempted to assassinate him, Mehmet Ali A?ca.

  4. To j2tharome:
    How can Castro be saved if he doesn’t repent? That is to say, dismantle his repressive system? An analogy would be a drug czar who repents, but refuses to close his lucrative drug trade and in fact, passes it one to his younger brother, so that he can continue running it.
    Forgiveness [salvation] comes to those that actually repent in mind and in body. The drug czar who refuses to bring an end to his drug cartel has not repented even if he says he has and accepts God.

  5. Remember, we answer to no one except Christ. If Castro does recognize Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross, and his love is genuine to Christ then he will be saved. Those that considered themselves “saved”, yet do the same things that are not right in God’s eyes won’t be accepted in His kingdom.
    On another note, I’m not against how you feel towards Castro, nor do I condone what Castro has done. If anything, Babalublog has really transformed my views. I genuinely sympathize for all the Cuban people, and I pray that freedom will come to Cuba. I’m not Cuban, so I have never experienced any kind of persecution nor has my family. It may sound like a double-standard here, but I’m not judging your characteristics, because I’m not in your shoes. If you have the heart to do it, pray for Castro.

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