8 thoughts on “Oh No They Didn’t. MAKE IT STOP PUHLEASSSEE”

  1. It comes with a large tube of hand lotion. There is a special fat tax charged to all conservatives who buy it. RINOs, Dems and Kool-Aid drinkers are exempt.

  2. Antonio, damn you, now I’ve got a craving for a pan con lechon which I cannot find here in Fort Lauderdale ….
    they do have bacon flavored ice cream in Delaware of all place….Biden must have the lock on it.

  3. Back inna 70s, lefty radicals all immigrated, Vermont, there. How Vermont managed to retain best gun law inna country – You may not carry a gun with intent to cause harm. You may carry openly or concealed, your choice, no permit necessary – despite NY/MA/RI/NJ lefty invasion remains a mystery.
    What flava they gonna name fo’ da bride? She keeps wrapping stuff around her waist as if to conceal untimely increase, ballast.
    Beluga Ballast? Orca Oatmeal? Wasabi Waistland?
    ‘ll come up, something, don’ worry.
    Maybe she better lay offa, $400 caviar treats?
    Caviar for thems, not we’s.
    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Strawberry Reds Key, FL
    19 January, 2009

  4. Recently bought Chunky Monkey, first time about ten years. Still highly larded & sugared, but lacking in former appeal of banana taste – in other words, scheiss, merde, taste like cooked sxxx.
    Proves it, whole operation turned to crud when they went PC.
    Dr. Marleen Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    19 January, 2009

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