Pardon my French

You will have to forgive the cursing, but, really, I just cant help it today. I am pissed. And let me make this perfectly clear: it’s not because Obama is to be sworn in as President. The guy won relatively fair and square and as an American he will be my President and with that will carry the respect the office deserves.
What Im pissed at are the sycophantic supporters. All the “It’s a great, monumental day” and the “this is truly historic” shouters. People who for the past eight years have done absolutely nothing but complain, criticize, demean, demoralize and degrade the office and this country.
“We’re all in this together!”
“Proud to be an American!”
All of a sudden, America is a great place. Dontchaknow.
All those newly proud Americans are the same people that have spent eight years calling the President a Nazi. Calling the man a fascist. A murderer. Calling him stupid. An idiot. A monkey. Drawing up ridiculous caricatures of the man. Decrying the ruination of this nation.
And now, all is fine and dandy!
Stupid hypocrite fucks.
Eight solid years of solid anti-American bullshit spewing from the very same people now awash in patriotism.
You arent patriots. Patriots – real patriots – love their country regardless of who leads it. Real patriots show respect for their country. Real patriots know, understand, that this is the greatest nation on Earth despite the fact that it is not their man who sits at its throne.
I dont like Barrack Obama one bit. I believe him to be the poster boy of modern socialism and find him incredibly lacking in everything the office of President requires. But I wont be calling him a Nazi. I wont be drawing cartoons of him looking like a chimpanzee. I wont call him a murderer or an idiot. And I will always, always, refer to him as President Obama and not just “Obama.”
“We’re all in this together.” The new fucking mantra. Guess what? We’ve all been in this together all along.
The hypocrisy is blinding and the vacuousness is overwhelming. It is, truly, a disgusting thing to witness. The shamelessness of it all turns my stomach.
I dont know what the next four years have in store but, as an American, I pray to God to bless President Obama and guide him to make the right decisions for this country and her people. I truly hope that this new President, my President, makes this nation better and that, hopefully, under his auspices, we see the end of the hypocrisy and the unbridled hatred.
Good luck, President Obama and God Bless America, land that I love.

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  1. What some people don’t understand, and I’ve had this conversation with friends on the left is that no matter what my GOVERNMENT does, I will always be proud to be an AMERICAN.
    I can be ashamed of my government, but NEVER of my country. They are two separate things.

  2. A socialist at work was giving me shit this morning about how depressed I must be and I told him that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that we always love our country even when we don’t agree with our government. We also respect our President even if we don’t agree with him. They love and respect only when it suits them. I love America and nothing better represents what great nation this is than seeing an inauguration. It is awe inspiring seeing opposing leaders so easily transferring power – I’m glad the whole world can see this. This is what we’re about…what we’ve always been about…so sorry they only noticed now.

  3. Excellent post Val. I just sent it to a liberal friend who text messaged me with his stupid, anti-Bush celebratory remarks after Obama was sworn in. As everyone has correctly stated, there’s a big difference between conservative behavior and that of the liberal/left. Did you see any protests or improper behavior from Obama opponents today? Yet, they protested in JAN 2001, and probably in JAN 2005. You hit the nail on the head – there’s no decency or true patriotism on the other side.

  4. Quote: “And I will always, always, refer to him as President Obama and not just “Obama.”
    Cool…except for here:
    Quote: “…this perfectly clear: it’s not because Obama is to be sworn in as President…”
    Or here:
    Quote: “…I dont like Barrack Obama one bit…”
    Other than that, not too bad.

  5. I totally agree with this. I still love America today. I am proud of America today! Even though I didn’t vote for President Obama, it doesn’t change how I feel about this country. I’m with my president.

  6. The guy won relatively fair and square
    I know where you’re coming from in the rest of the post, but this ain’t right, Val. Have we forgotten the ACORN biness etc. that quickly?

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