20 thoughts on “Elevating Myself”

  1. Great Pic! Congrats Val, you deserve it. The only thing that could top this is if they announce fidel’s death on your birthday tomorrow!

  2. Val, I’ve never met you, but if Hugo Chavez looked one fifth as presidential as you do, maybe I could have more respect for the common sense of the Venezuelan people.

  3. Congradulations Val! By the way, I didn’t know that you were so tall. Let me see, President Bush, I read, is 5’11” and you look to be a good three inches taller, so you must be about 6’1″?

  4. Congrats dude.
    Despite what all the wankers say, they’re gonna miss him and they won’t have him to kick around anymore.

  5. The only sad thing about this photo is that it will be 8 years before we see you again in a suit.

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