Miami Herald softballs Soderbergh on Che

”His politics are interesting to me only to the extent that they are interesting to him,” Soderbergh said. “I don’t have to agree with him: I just have to believe that he (Che) believed those politics.”
Fine. But apply the same standards to a movie glorifying David Duke or Lester Maddox (neither of whom killed anyone), and and let’s see the MSM reaction.
Both the Herald and Soderbergh mention La Cabana in 1959 (and how the movie ignored it). In fact, that was the tip of the iceberg. The bloodbath REALLY kicked in later, in 1961. By 1963 as many Cubans were being executed (murdered) by firing squad in one week than during one month in 1959, and these were mostly former revolutionaries, hardly Batistianos.
But why should we expect a screenplay essentially written by Fidel Castro and his henchmen to include this?

1 thought on “Miami Herald softballs Soderbergh on Che”

  1. Softballs Che movie, you say? The Miami Herald? Well, I’m SHOCKED, shocked, I tell you!
    Another day, another failure (to do the right thing).

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