6 thoughts on “The President’s unofficial advisers”

  1. Henry, did you looked at the examples of the stupid attacks made against you on that site?
    Pat J:
    Let’s stop listening to the exiles. Gomez and his ilk would still favor Batista if he was in power. And Batista was by far the bigger thug.
    and as a regular cuba visitor (not in all inclusives)would rather spend time there than disneyland free health care free education free dental some great things wish we had
    wish they would open up to let there own people travel and have more freedoms trust me most would come back grass here isn’t greener for most
    If it wasn’t for people like H. Gomez, the Cuban Revolution wouldn’t have happened. It’s that simple.
    The idiocy of the Cuban exiles and US governments is to isolate another country. By enabling commerce and diplomatic relations, countries can be influenced to change governments, if that’s what they want. It’s that simple.
    My God, we are going to have some very rough four years dealing with so much ignorance and stupidity in America regarding the situation in Cuba.

  2. Yes, I saw that. I suspect that they were made by the same person. I can’t control the comments over there but I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to see them over here.

  3. Wow Henry! Reading all these idiotic comments on your article — unbelieveable. I was trying to respond back to those morons, but where do I begin?? I hope you kick all of them in nuts with a rebuttal.

  4. Sorry Henry for posting those comments,
    The only reason I posted them was to show how much prejudice and stupidity is up there against us the Cuban-American exiles.

  5. If you want to remove those negative comments them please go ahead.
    There was no ill intention on my part when I did that, I just wanted to show the readers what we’re up against, that’s all.

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