Will Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner offer her apology?

I think it’s safe to say it is more than lamentable when any government willfully joins forces with an unelected dictatorial regime to deceive – not only the public of that regime – but the world at large.
Case in point – the Argentine government has released a statement alleging that President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has met with Cuba’s seriously ailing – if not already dead – former dictator Fidel Castro. The statement attempts to paint a picture of a normal diplomatic visit lasting some 30 minutes, during which time the two “leaders” addressed the inauguration of President Barack Obama.
Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner owes not just the Cuban people an apology, but one to her own constituents on the South American continent as well.
It boggles the mind.
Oye mami – si en realidad fuiste a visitar el comandante, entonces tienes que lanzar el foto. Es tu deber – no nuestro.
Y Punto.

3 thoughts on “Will Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner offer her apology?”

  1. The woman is an embarrassment, even aside from her cozying up to Castro, Inc. (which is perfectly typical and apparently mandatory for all “leaders” south of the Mexico-US border). She’s a pathetic wannabe fashion model, even though she still looks like a piece of burnt toast with too much make-up. I don’t think she has a frigging clue, but hey, all her outfits are perfectly color-coordinated.

  2. Anatasio don’t ask for a picture of her visit to see el comandante! The Cuban government is pretty good at cheap photoshopped pictures. They’ll simply take an old picture of the by-now dead buzzard and photoshop it next to Fernandez de Kirchner! Of course, the otherwise cynical, savvy media will become little naives who believe everything they’re told and report the story/picture as if it were the unquestioned truth! With the media shilling for the regime this way, they’ll keep that lie going on for another 50 years!
    By the way, as if her lie about her visit to fidel wasn’t bad enough, she allowed reporters to take pictures of herself holding up a poster of el che. It was televised on one of the Spanish news programs.

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