Washington Times gets on the CANF Bandwagon

“Cuban-Americans are anticipating a change in policy toward their homeland that reflects both the new president’s campaign promises and shifting views and demographics among a once-solid Republican political bloc. Mr. Obama won more than one-third of Florida’s Cuban-American vote in November, a voter base that in the past has favored Republican presidential candidates by margins of more than 80 percent.”
Please note: this is a conservative newspaper, yet they swallowed the party line in one gulp about “Most Cuban-Americans favoring an end to the embargo,” based on that preposterous “poll.” And of course, are helping spread the farce.
If “one third” of Cubans voted for Obama, if pro-embargo candidates, Ileana, Mario and Lincoln all won handily–then where’s this tidal wave craving change? Why write “Cuban-Americans are anticipating change.”?
It’s actually a small percentage.
Let’s face it, we don’t have a single friend in the beltway establishment–not a single outlet for the truth, or even one that can apply simple logic to any “reporting” on Cuban matters.

7 thoughts on “Washington Times gets on the CANF Bandwagon”

  1. It’s infuriating to see the truth discarded, our voices ignored, and the lies that the regime and the regime’s friends want propagated spread without regard to the truth, or respect for us Cubans Americans.
    But then again, part of it is our fault. I’ll say it again, we do not have any institutions to make our voices heard: we don’t own any major newspapers [just the little periodiquitos in Spanish], we don’t own any TV stations, we don’t have any viable think tanks, we don’t have any viable publishing houses and we don’t have an anti-defamation league, etc…
    Those Cuban-Americans that do have the capacity to spread the truth don’t bother. For instance, there is a Cuban radio station mogul by the name of Alarcon who owns radio stations from NYC to California and in between, but the stations are in Spanish [I don’t know if he owns any in English], but he does nothing anyway.
    Emilio and Gloria Estefan who own recording studios and are connected with Hollywood are zeros a la izquierda. The other Cubans who are wealthy enough to put their money together and start a foundation or buy a newspaper, don’t. Wouldn’t it be great if Cuban Americans purchased the Miami Herald? I just read that that billionaire from Mexico by the name of Sims purchased part of the New York Times. The NYT’s was having financial problems. Now, he will have a say in what that dastardly newspaper has to say. Our millionaires could have pooled their money together and done that, but none of them did.
    During the Cuban war of independence, Cuba’s wealthiest families were willing to pool their fortunes together and give the USA 100 million dollars to buy Cuba from Spain and that way make us independent of Spain’s horrible rule. Can you imagine what 100 million dollars was back then? You are talking about billions!
    Those people were patriots. That type of sacrifice and dignity doesn’t exist anymore at least not with our millionaires.
    Our millionaires, people like Mas Santos and that singer with that horrible, off-key voice, Gloria Estefan are more interested in making money than in anything else. And they’ll make money if need be at our expense.
    So, the lies about us will continue.

  2. You’re right on Humberto, besides the only true Cuban patriotic singer here has been Willy Chirino, and I have yet to see him making leftist compromises for money. I think Raul Alarcon Sr. (Who died in June of last year.) was the owner of SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System) which has a bunch of stations here in Miami, NY, include a TV station (MegaTV) I don’t know where else. His son, Raul Jr. is head honcho at SBS now. Here in Miami there’s a station owned by an Argentine but is populated by mostly Cubans, mainly since the station is located in Hialeah. It’s called AmericaTeve, and some shows get the point across about the Cuban cause for freedom in the island. And we also have another one called Cubana de Television which started last year that I think doesn’t delve too much into politics, it just focuses on family friendly entertainment. Although, TV Marti does air on the same channel. But other than that I have yet to see a REAL call for the rest of the Western Hemisphere to sympathize with our cause. And if there were any, then they are just being ignored, or maybe most Americans don’t give a shit.
    Any who, what do I know, I’m just a 23 year old Cuban American who wants another and a successful Cuban invasion, freeing Cuba from a tyrannical stranglehold, destroying the regime, freeing the political prisoners, tracking and bringing the American fugitives to justice, installing a system of government much like the one in the 1940’s along with it’s constitution and Putting a man like Mel Martinez, or a man like Oscar Elias Biscet as President. Build up their military. Then Get the hell out of there. 🙂 Some say we should make Cuba a commonwealth of the United States much like Puerto Rico, but that’s a double edge sword. For me at least.

  3. 52 % of Americans voted FOR Obama and the MSM crows about this massive mandate for “change!”
    70 % of Cuban-Americans vote AGAINST Obama and the MSM crows how Cuban-Americas all clamor for Obama’s version of “change” for Cuba policy!
    Is there a psychiatrist (or an editor who can actually apply the basics of logic to what he edits)in the house?!

  4. these comments are the reason no one pays attention to us:
    1. Buy a newspaper? That’s a worse investment Citibank. No one reads newspapers much less the Herald.
    2. The name is Slim not Sims. He’s only the richest guy in the world – try to remember his name or at least get it right.
    3. Create a foundation? You mean ANOTHER exile organization for the exile? You wouldn’t be able to list all of them that are out there right now in the Yellow Pages. We speak with 1400 different voices. Every 4 Cubans has their own group or foundation – it’s a joke.
    4. Invasion of Cuba? Holy crap that has to be the most moronic thing I’ve ever read. This is not America’s problem it is ours. Not one drop of American blood should be spilled for a monster of our own creation. Let the Cubans on the island with exile help (if they want it) straighten things out. Anyway read your history America involvement and occupation only made things worse for Cuba.
    5. President Mel Martinez? I spoke too soon THIS is the most moronic thing I have ever read.
    6. This blog actually does serve a good purpose but every now and then it also becomes an echo chamber where every shrill voice is greeted with an amen. We’re better than that. I know it gets frustrating that people on the outside don’t get it or listen but shouting at them and making irrational suggestions doesn’t make them hear us any clearer – it just makes them tune us out. Let’s speak the truth about the regime – about the dead, the dying, the imprisoned, the abused the separated, the suffering…lets speak about that. Make Castro the issue – stop whining about the embargo – its crap. Our focus should be 100% on the dissidents and those on the island trying to change things – the embargo doesn’t mean squat in the grand scheme of things.

  5. I apologize for any personal and offending remarks posted above. As you all know I get a tad unhinged every now and again.

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