Courtney Love is part Cuban?!

“In the latest issue of Heeb magazine, cover girl Courtney Love calls herself a “Jewban,” thanks to the Cuban and Jewish roots on her mother’s side. We didn’t even know she was Jewish, let alone Cuban!” gushes the article.
Amazingly, Ms Cobain hasn’t been trotted out by the MSM to comment on the “embargo” and billed as a “Scholarly Cuba expert”–YET!
We anticipate Ms Cobian’s early admission to the Cuba Working Group, and Cuba Study Group– not to mention the Inter-American Dialogue. And she’s a shoo-in for Executive VP of the CANF!

4 thoughts on “Courtney Love is part Cuban?!”

  1. Batista. The Castro Brothers and che. Godfather II and Scarface. Now Courtney Love. Haven’t you Cubans suffered enough?

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