Swapping scumbags for dissidents is insulting

Just read this garbage from McClatchy (go figure!) and all I can say is that when the Supreme Court refuses to hear their case, these five scumbags will only have one out (except for serving their time and then getting their asses deported) and that’s to agitate for “an exchange”. Presumably their return to Cuba would be in exchange for the release (more than likely into exile) of honorable people like Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. The suggestion of such an exchange is beyond vile. Biscet and the other political prisoners need to be released because their human rights are being violated. These five dirty bastards had a jury trial, the benefit of the best attorneys castro, inc.’s money could by and a seemingly endless number of appeals.
I hope their lawyers read this post. Your scumbag clients will serve their sentences, every last of them, if their is any justice in this world.