It’s just a t-shirt


It’s just a t-shirt! That is exactly what they are going to say, don’t you know. They will argue that it’s not an endorsement, or propaganda in any way, shape, or form. They’ll assure us that CNN is an objective news organization. Then again, they are just as likely to think Granma and Al-Jazeera are objective news sources, too.
And for those who think I may be a wee bit extreme, show me the “Bush: Liberator of Iraq” t-shirts for sale on CNN’s website and maybe I’ll reconsider.

4 thoughts on “It’s just a t-shirt”

  1. Correction: the truth about Che is quite well documented and available to anyone, but far too many are bound and determined to ignore it or deny it. That CNN Che shirt is actually offensive, or at best, disingenuous. It’s like a shirt that reads:
    The Holocaust: Horrible tragedy or Jewish hype?

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